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Shwen Design

Watch Dial | Seiko SKX013 Divers | Galaxy

Watch Dial | Seiko SKX013 Divers | Galaxy

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Colour 1 - Centre
Colour 2 - Round the Centre
Colour 3 - The outside of the Dial

I start with a black SKX013 Dial, and slowly over time build up the different colours of the galaxy on to it using acrylic paint. I don’t leave any bit of the dial unpainted because you’ll be able to see it in certain lights. The effect I go for is textured so it stands out on the dial. I then finish it off with stars because every galaxy needs them! I do all of this with a tiny paintbrush and good eyesight! 

Each dial I paint will be different, these photos are EXAMPLES of dials that I do. Theres no limit on colour, please get in contact if you want a unique colour scheme.

It brings a unique modification to the Seiko Watch, and it’ll get everyone talking about it.

Any questions before you purchase please email us at 

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