About me

I fell into this line of work on purpose but by accident...

So I have always been a crafty person, being able to make various items all my life, but I have recently had a baby and now I have number 2 on the way and I just really don't want to go to work anymore. I have had enough with the 9-5 day by day and working weekends. I miss my daughter and I miss watching her grow up. So this is why I started to refine what I make into sellable items for the general public.

My dream...

My future dream is to take my two daughters (yes I have already found out number 2 is going to be another girl) to many craft fairs to meet people and to teach them how to sell. Just like I was taught with my mother. She showed me how to speak to people and how to solve their problems, e.g. needing a gift to go overseas! So we work out what will survive the trip and what will make that person say ‘wow’ to her products. She also taught me how to sort out peoples change in my head, as it is scary nowadays that people cant work that out with ease. I am so glad she helped me as much as she did.

Anyways for the time being while they are little ill stick to selling online and in shops, and I am very happy with that for the time being. It keeps me entertained and off the streets I love doing what I do and I do hope everyone who sees my products loves them too.


UPDATE - I have now had baby number 2! Another girl... oh dear... She is happy and healthy and growing fast, shes nearly 1! And my big baby is nearly 3! Its just flying by.

NEW UPDATE! - They are both growing up way too quickly now!