Seiko SKX007 Dial - Hand Painted Galaxy Watch Dial

Seiko SKX007 Dial - Hand Painted Galaxy Watch Dial

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I start with a black SKX007 Dial, and slowly over time build up the different colours of the galaxy on to it using acrylic paint. I don’t leave any bit of the dial unpainted because you’ll be able to see it in certain lights. The effect I go for is textured so it stands out on the dial. I then finish it off with stars because every galaxy needs them! I do all of this with a tiny paintbrush and good eyesight.

Each dial I paint will be different, these photos are EXAMPLES of dials that I do. Theres no limit on colour, please get in contact if you want a unique colour scheme.

It brings a unique modification to the Seiko Watch, and it’ll get everyone talking about it.

This Dial will take 7-14 days to be painted, then further shipping time on top depending on where you are from.

Any questions before you purchase please contact us via our contact form on the website.