The Handpainted Galaxy Watch Face/Dial

I must say, wow. The response I’ve had from my dials is incredible, so firstly Thankyou all for your kind comments. 

I love painting these because each one is completely different and I love what colours my customers come up with! 

It all started with a bet. My other half joked about painting the dial and I said I bet I could paint a galaxy on it. He didn’t believe me, so I proved him wrong and oh my gosh he is so happy with them! Of course he has the first one I ever painted in his Seiko SKX007. 

Heres the photo of my first two I painted

Blue and purple Galaxy Handpainted Dial

And it’s just gone on from there! Changing from the purple ones to pink ones to gold ones! And I’m hoping for more colour schemes to come! So if you have an idea on what colours you want just let me know! 

Cheers guys! 🥰

Heres a little video to show you how much goes into my dials -

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