Getting started! Website ready!

Wow, I can’t believe it. 

After all the lovely comments from our last craft fair Ive got this website up and running in under a month - it really hasn’t took much! But I have been having to do a lot of work and overtime to get it sorted, because I, like everyone else needed to learn the basics of making a website! 

I was faced with some challenges along the way! Firstly I made everything on my iPhone, I had no choice because I recently broke the laptop, like seriously broke it. I somehow managed to delete the software off it so it couldn’t even get to the homepage. What a nonse. 

I ordered a back up drive from HP and having to wait nearly 10 working days it finally arrived, but by then I didn’t need it. I was already up and running all through using my phone. The technology today is crazy, it’s mad what you can do with it. 

Anway that’s enough ranting for now, I’m just happy I am able to bring you all the products that I make by hand and to show you there’s more out there than your bog standard jewellery. 

Happy shopping and keep your eyes peeled for more blogs to come! 

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