DIY Newspaper Rug

DIY Newspaper Rug

DIY Newspaper Rug | Shwen Design

Sick to death getting a newspaper shoved through your door and all you do is throw it away? 

Well STOP! And keep them all to one side so you can make your very own newspaper rug. 

It’s so simple to make, and it can be very calming and relaxing to do it on an evenining infront of the telly.

I shall explain the whole process in 5 easy steps! 

Main Steps

STEP 1: Make sure you have at least 5 whole newspapers if you do want to make a large rug, don’t want to get half way through it and run out! And cut the newspaper into four strips vertically. Best way to do this is take a few sheets at a time fold in half (top to bottom) and in half again (top to bottom) now you know where to cut. The cuts don’t have to be perfect either - which is just great! 

STEP 2: Roughly twist each strip and grip it to keep its crumpled 3D shape (do this with every strip, but you can do it as you go along) and start to plait it. 

STEP 3: Once you get to the bottom of those strips stick on a new strip with either Modpodge or PVA glue, even Pritt Stick will do. Then twist the new strips in to their 3D shape and carry on plaiting. Keep on repeating this step until you have loads of plaited newspaper. 

STEP 4: When you think you have enough start to wind it up, as I’m doing this I glue the sides with Modpode to stick to new side that will be touching it. Just keep on winding it up and sticking it as you go. 

STEP 5: Once you have your desired size you can leave it as it is or you can stitch it so it won’t fall apart, but this step is completely up to you. 

I do hope these steps help you to make your very own DIY Newspaper Rug

and remember to have fun and relax!

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